Patient Monitor Value-Added System

Today’s medical systems are going to be intelligent, so the physiological monitoring data from various instruments can be automatically uploaded to the back-end server through the addition of hardware installation. These automatic upload systems are mainly used with physiological monitors to upload parameters to the hospital database and analyze them. It could avoid transcription errors by medical staff and reduce paper use. However, the different monitoring equipment of each manufacturer will come out with different data formats, which makes integration difficult. Therefore, in addition to providing solutions in hardware, we also provide the software to collect the data and integrate them into the same format.

Patient Monitor Value-Added System Solution

We install the system in a physiological monitor through software and hardware integration services. MEDWEL has already analyzed the data format of physiological monitoring equipment from multiple manufacturers, so it can convert the collected numerical parameters into a unified data format and store it in the hospital database. In this way, it can be beneficial to solve the problem that the data format of each manufacturer is different and the data cannot be displayed or used collectively. The data is unified through the system, and these parameters can also be linked to the hospital information room to provide the required information for other functional services, such as chart analysis, real-time monitoring and warning… and other functions.

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