Ticket registration system

In the past, patients used traditional queuing to register in the hospital or clinic. For patients, long stand-up waiting time caused discomfort. For hospitals, if each registration counter is not evenly distributed in a systematic manner, the processing efficiency cannot be achieved and optimize. Therefore, in response to the establishment of a smart hospital, we have developed a hardware product, the hospital’s ticket registration system for this situation. This system can reduce the waiting time of patients and let patients who are unwell, take a rest, and wait for their call.  On the other hand, this system can also improve the efficiency of counter work and increase the satisfaction of medical treatment. Also, it solves the manpower problems of the hospital, and reduce the work pressure from counter staff. Even more, the business statistics data of the counter can be output for further hospital management.

Ticket registration system Solution

Ticket pick-up and registration kiosk: Through self-service Kiosk machine and hospital registration system, it provides a solution for number issuing at the front desk and counter management at the back-end server. When the patient clicks the ticket pick-up function, the service number will be added to the back-end database, and the registered service counter will also share this database. So, the patient’s number will be called according to the processing status of the service counter. From this, the manager can grasp the service status of each service counter through the back-end management interface, including time and quantity, and can allocate resources in real-time and optimize service efficiency.

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