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Portwell has advanced experience and expertise dedicated to the medical and healthcare market for years. With our unique and trusted insight into healthcare industry and environment, we provide a wide selection of embedded boards and system solutions which fulfills the demand of different medical applications including medical ultrasoundphysiological measurement systempatient monitor system,practice information management systemhealthcare self-service kiosktelemedicine.


IEC 60601-1

IEC 60601-1

ISO 13485

ISO 13485

Long product lifespan

Long Product Lifespan

EMC Safety

EMC Safety

Medical Safety Regulations

In order to ensure the practical application of our system products in the medical environment, the stability of the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and safety (Safety) of the system is very important. Our products comply with regulations related to medical products such as IEC 60601-1. In addition, we are also a qualified design manufacturer of medical products that meets the medical device quality management system (ISO 13485) standard.

Stable/Low Noise/Low Power Consumption

Medical computer products emphasize the stability of the system. When the medical computer is integrated with the diagnosis and treatment equipment, it may directly or indirectly affect the patient’s life. Absolutely no downtime is allowed. Under the condition of stable operation for a long time, the system design usually adopts fanless, anti-vibration, dustproof, low power consumption to enhance the life and stability of the product. We uphold the quality requirements and provide complete and trusted medical product design services.

Support Special Peripheral Connection Capabilities

For the medical environment, we provide Isolation LAN, COM, USB, and other designs for customers to choose from. Its main features are signal isolation and high voltage insulation. Isolation design not only blocks noise but also improves signal transmission quality. Because the medical computer will be used together with the medical instrument, the Isolation design can ensure that the instrument and the computer will not be affected by each other and be damaged, and can also guarantee the safety of the operator.

Long-Term Supply Guarantee

Medical customers will not be replacing a system every year. Therefore, the life cycle of medical products is about 2 to 5 times longer than that of general electronic products. Our medical computer system provides a 10-year product life cycle to support our customers with the most stable platform and supply for long-term development.

For further information, please visit Portwell subsidiary: www.MEDWEL.NET



Intelligent Physiological Measurement System

Linked to the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), hospitals can collect a large number of physiological parameters through related equipment so that health becomes manageable and predictable, and it also reduces the use of medical personnel. In the past, hospitals did not have a good automated mechanism to collect physiological parameters, and traditional paper-and-pencil copying may cause errors, so how to develop intelligent measurement solutions is an imperative task for all hospitals…[Read more]

Ticket Registration System

In the past, patients used traditional queuing to register in the hospital or clinic. For patients, long stand-up waiting time caused discomfort. For hospitals, if each registration counter is not evenly distributed in a systematic manner, the processing efficiency cannot be achieved and optimize. Therefore, in response to the establishment of a smart hospital, we have developed a hardware product, the hospital’s ticket registration system for this situation. This system can reduce the waiting time of patients and let patients who are unwell,… [Read more]

Patient Monitor Value-Added System

Today’s medical systems are going to be intelligent, so the physiological monitoring data from various instruments can be automatically uploaded to the back-end server through the addition of hardware installation. These automatic upload systems are mainly used with physiological monitors to upload parameters to the hospital database and analyze them. It could avoid transcription errors by medical staff and reduce paper use. However, the different monitoring equipment of each manufacturer will come out with different data formats…[Read more]


Real professional telemedicine is not achievable by using pure video software or general computers. It needs to combine professional communication technology and computer technology to overcome the limitations of time and space to transmit the professional knowledge of doctors, patient data, and local medical-related information. Through the long-distance transmission to expand the medical service market…[Read more]

Medical Ultrasound

Ultrasonic diagnostic equipment has two characteristics. The first is non-radioactive. Under the injection of non-radioactive substances, it needs higher computing power and graphic performance to achieve high-security and timely motion images. The second is real-time. The images you see are real-time processed. For example, Ultrasound is used in the cardiovascular field, which can measure the blood flow rate to diagnose the disease…[Read more]

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