紡織工業 – 自動落紗機

The textile industry is highly automated today. However, to maximize production through automation and maintain quality control at the same time, requires Portwell to generate all production data analytics and management functions into the process.

In Automatic Yarn Winding Machine, optical sensor will inspect yarn and perform automatic removal of off-standard bobbins, this quick process is vital to increase productivity. Not only automation, but our design have to collect all production information, and update to the control center concurrently for big data analytic management. In the control panel, we customized worker ID management system, to create a hierarchy operator level and avoid inappropriate operation by unauthorized personnel. And we have to evaluate the customer’s different operation environments to propose the right temperature solution for each. Portwell textile application will including the following features.

Textile Industry – Automatic Yarn Winding Machine Features

Integrated Control System

Portwell discussed with customers on unifying HMI with different module cards to control multiple types of textile machines. The module card integrates legacy control interface of the traditional textile machine with the digital optical sensor, which allow customer to retain their own critical textile intellectual property and the latest in intelligent manufacturing. Portwell help them to integrate hardware and software together and link traditional control interface with modern digital interface.

We design a mechanical interface in the front control panel for customers, they can easily manage the operation control level through this interface.

Easy Maintenance

Tool-less design for easy maintenance and customer can easily switch different module cards to fit in different type of textile machines, it also helps customers to save logistic cost.


When the yarn machine automatically removes off-standard bobbins, it will spray mist, we have to design IP65 into the front panel to avoid any water damage.

Wide Temperature Range

Because of the customers’ environment, some of the Yarn machines will operate in high-temperature areas without air condition, and taking into consideration customers’ logistic issues, so we define operation temperature from -25 to 65 degrees Celsius.

Textile Industry – Automatic Yarn Winding Machine Solution

Portwell design the system with the customer to solve their critical issue, design with the real-life situation, and reserves future upgradeability for customer, with our help, we step into industrial 4.0 together with customers success.

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