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Smart transportation is the pillar of the smart city today. Smart cities all over the world have adapted various different technologies to develop intelligent transportation system, leading the future in transportation network management, airport and station management, bridge and waterway management.
Portwell is very experienced in developed Smart transportation relative product lines, we have dedicated team to provide customized products and services for those transportation developers. We continue to strive in the contribution to the development of smart transportation and smart cities all over the world.


Portwell is well aware of the complexity and special regulations of railway management, we follow the relative regulation according to different applications.
Portwell Railway Solution including out-door, in-door and in-train applications. For Out-Door solutions, we have to meet temperature requirement and high humidity of environment change, and support multi wireless communication system to ensure information flow; for in-train solutions, Locomotive power regulation is very different from other applications, and we have to design with anti-shock and vibration to protect the system. All of Portwell Railway solutions have to follow below features according to customer applications.

EN50155:EN50121 Compliance

EN50155/EN50121 Compliance

EN50155 Compliance covering electronic equipment used on rolling stock for railway applications, and EN50121 compliance covering electromagnetic compatibility. We have to follow JIS E 5006 standard in Japan and ARIMA Section11 in the United States according to customer request.

Anti-Water and Corrosion

Anti-Water and Corrosion

The user environment is different, such as the outdoors and the seaside. Portwell Railway Solution have to design with anti-water and anti-corrosion, even PCB conformal coating to prevent damage.

Wide Voltage Input

Wide Voltage Input

Portwell provide 12V-36V and 72V-110V power input system for customers. The power design is different from others especially we have to follow Railway regulation at the same time. We have to discuss with customers and control every material in the designing stage.

Anti Shock and Vibration

Anti Shock and Vibration

The locomotive system will vibrate while driving, anti-shock and vibration is standard in Portwell Railway Solution, we design anti-shock and Vibration from connector, cable, memory, storage to system level.

Wide Temperature Range

Wide Temperature Range

Portwell Railway Solution design with a wide temperature range from -40 to 70 degree Celsius to meet the requirement of outdoor temperature difference, we want to make sure the stability of the system to keep everything safe.

Safety Connect

Safety Connect

To ensure the safety of the connected device, we isolated every IO from schematic and PCB layout, and design with M12 connector to ensure a tight and robust wire connection.


Bus Infotainment System

There are infotainment systems to communicate with passengers in the modern transportation, the basic function is the broadcast system to show bus information and current location. In the bus infotainment system, how to maintain the stability of the bus power supply system and integrated power ignition signal status are the key in the design. In this case, infotainment system connected with bus battery directly, after discuss with customer… [Read more]

Locomotive Data Recorder

When there is a critical railway accident, a locomotive data recorder is the key to find out the reason why the accident happened, then analyzed all the data within to get the conclusive result.

In the development of railway systems, we incorporate the CHMM(Crash-Hardened memory module) within the system with high speed I/O and manage all information concurrently to make sure all critical information can pass into the data recorder in a correct sequence with no latency…[Read more]

Railway Level Crossing System

Safety has always been the most important topic in railway transportation, how to reduce railway level crossing accidents is very important. In the past, level crossing alarm only when the locomotive is coming, now the railway transportation system develop surveillance control system, however, more intelligence is needed in the upcoming future railway systems… [Read more]

Automated Border Control System(eGate)

Airport managements all over the world are developing digital systems. In tradition, there are a lot of customs officers to keep passengers passing customs fast. With labor costs rising, automated border control systems become more and more valuable. When passengers pass through customs, the automatic gate control system(eGate) identifies passengers’ personal biometric features and then open the gate to allow passengers to pass quickly and safely. After COVID-19… [Read more]

  • Supports Intel® 7th Gen Kabylake-U Core™ MCP Processors
  • Supports Dual Channel DDR4 SO-DIMM 2133 ,up to 32GB
  • Supports 2 x HDMI®, 1 x DP
  • Support Dual Display (HDMI®2 + DP or HDMI® 1 + HDMI® 2)
  • Support xUSB 3.0, 1 x USB 3.1 (Type C), 1 x IR
  • Support M.2 slots 1 x Key E(Supports 2230) and 1 x Key M(Supports 2260)
  • Intel® Core™ i High performance Fan-less Embedded Box PC
  • 6th generation Intel® Skylake-S Core™ i3/i5/i7 Desktop processor (Quad-Core CPU supported)
  • Dual UB-DIMM DDR4 up to 32GB
  • 2x 2.5″ SATA HDD/SSD, 1x mSATA
  • Rich I/O is good for versatile applications
  • 1x M.2 socket, 1x Full-size Mini-PCIe socket
  • Rugged design is good for using in harsh environment
  • Coffee Lake-S is the 8th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor (35W)
  • Seek for desktop solution with high performance
  • Support faster I/O interface on 24 PCIe Gen3 lanes
  • Intel Atom® processor C3000 Series
  • DDR4 2400 MT/s ECC up to 64GB
  • Up to 12 PCIe Lanes (based on CPU/HSIO arrangement)
  • High-speed Ethernet, 4x 10GbE and 1x GbE interfaces
  • 4x USB 3.0/2.0, 2x SATA III
  • Wide-Temp (-40?C to 85?C) Support
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