Medical ultrasound

Ultrasonic diagnostic equipment has two characteristics. The first is non-radioactive. Under the injection of non-radioactive substances, it needs higher computing power and graphic performance to achieve high-security and timely motion images. The second is real-time. The images you see are real-time processed. For example, Ultrasound is used in the cardiovascular field, which can measure the blood flow rate to diagnose the disease. When measuring, there are many different types of scanners with different ultrasonic frequencies and motion images mode. Therefore, we need to provide professional solutions to support whether it is from a laptop type ultrasonic to a diagnostic cart type ultrasonic.

Medical ultrasound Solution

Through the motherboard design of COM Express Module, MEDWEL provides powerful computing in a limited space for the ultrasonic instruments. Through rich medical motherboard design experience, we enhance the stability of the motherboard and make sure the images are at high resolution and make immediate corrections. In addition, the customized firmware service by MEDWEL can cater to the needs of a wider range of ultrasound applications.

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