Din-rail 無風扇工業電腦

Portwell’s DIN-Rail Box PCs series, leveraging Intel® 10th Gen Core and Celeron® J6412 SoC processors, are engineered for demanding environments. These fanless, compact units are built to operate across wide temperature ranges, featuring multiple Ethernet ports and extensive digital I/Os for high reliability. Ideal for machine vision, power and energy management, factory automation, AGV/AMR robotics, and transportation management, they embody versatility for industrial applications. Explore the specific capabilities and features of each model on our product pages.

Embedded Rugged System with Intel® 10th Generation Core™ i3/i5/i7/i9 processor, 4x PoE of 6x GbE LAN and 16x DI + 16x DO

小型化堅固嵌入式無風扇工業電腦,採用基於英特爾® 賽揚 ® J6412 SoC 的嵌入式主機板。

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