Intel® Atom® x6000 series SoC based on Type 10 Mini COM-Express® module with LPDDR4 SDRAM


  • Intel® Atom® Processor x6000 Series (Elkhart Lake)
  • On Board LPDDR4 SDRAM up to 8GB
  • Low Power Consumption (4.5 to 12W), 4K Resolution
  • Support wide temperature -40°C ~ 85°C
  • Support Intel® TCC/TSN with 2.5GbE


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PCOM-BA02GL, a Type 10 Mini COM Express® (84 x 55 mm) module which based on Intel® Elkhart Lake Atom® x6000 and Pentium® N and J Series Processors. In this architecture, it could provide LVDS, and high quantity HDMI®, eDP, DP with 4K resolution. And it also provides turbo mode up to 3.0GHz, with extending 4x PCIe 3.0 x1, 2x USB 3.2 Gen2, 8x USB 2.0, and 2x SATA III devices. With ultra low power consumption(6W to 12W), wide-temp support, it could provide very energy saving and high effective performance. Portwell want to promotes PCOM-BA02GL as vertical solution to aim in the different versatile applications, such as automation, military, hospitality, transportation and so on.


Model Name PCOM-BA02GL
Form Factor COM Express® Mini (84 x 55mm)
COM Type Type 10
CPU/ Clock/ Cache Intel® Pentium® J6426
Intel® Celeron® N6211
Intel® Atom® x6211E
Intel® Atom® x6413E
Intel® Atom® x6425E
Intel® Atom® x6425RE
Up to 3.00 GHz turbo frequency
1.5MB cache
Chipset SoC
Memory Dual Channel LPDDR4 3200 MT/s
Support In Band ECC
USB 2x USB 3.2 Gan2,
8x USB 2.0
PCI Express 4 x PCIe 3.0 x 1
Ethernet 2.5 GbE with GPY215
(x6425RE SKU additional support TSN/TCC)
Sound Intel® High Definition Audio
Graphic Controller Intel® HD Graphics
Carrier Board PCOM-CA00 (Type 10)

Block Diagram


Ordering Guide
Product Ordering P/N Status
PCOM-BA02GL-J6426-8G-32G AB1-3L78 Contact us
PCOM-BA02GL-N6211-4G-16G AB1-3L77 Contact us
PCOM-BA02GL-x6211E-4G-16G AB1-3L79 Contact us
PCOM-BA02GL-x6413E-8G-16G AB1-3L76 Contact us
PCOM-BA02GL-x6425E-8G-32G AB1-3K47 Contact us
PCOM-BA02GL-x6425RE-8G-16G AB1-3L75 Contact us


Accessory Ordering P/N Status
Heatsink (Atom) B830B480 Available
Heatsink (Pentium/Celeron) B830B490 Available
Heatspreader (Atom) B830B500 Available
Heatspreader (Pentium/Celeron) B830B510 Available
(Micro-ATX Carrier board)
AB1-3917 Available


(Documents & Downloads)

  Catalog   PCOM-BA02GL | Catalog 20220117   27 4 月, 2021

Datasheet for PCOM-BA02GL, the first release version.

800.9 KB 4695 Downloads
      BIOS   BIOS_PCOM-BA02GL_0_0_17.zip | BIOS 0.0.17   13 9 月, 2023

    Add PcdRsa3072Sha384SubRegionPublicKeyBuffer key number to match TCC tool.

    12.65 MB 114 Downloads
      BIOS   BIOS_PCOM_BA02_16G_0_0_1.zip | BIOS PCOM_BA02_16G_0_0_1   24 7 月, 2023

    Fix PCOM-BA02 Boot Will Hang 0xA2 Issue

    6.11 MB 130 Downloads
      BIOS   BIOS_PCOM-BA02GL_0_0_14.zip | BIOS 0.0.14   17 7 月, 2023
    • Add sign on message “Portwell, Inc.
      PCOM-BA02 BIOS Rev.: 0.0.14 ( 01182022 )”.
    • Support multi SPD table control via GPIO v3.
    • Remove memory frequency limit.
    12.25 MB 163 Downloads
      BIOS   BIOS_Update_FPT_PCOM_BA02_16G_0_0_1.zip | BIOS 0.0.1   12 7 月, 2023

    Fix PCOM-BA02 Boot Will Hang 0xA2 Issue
    BIOS bin file

    12.63 MB 283 Downloads
        EC   EC_PCOM-BA02GL_0_8.zip | EC 0.8   17 7 月, 2023
      • Release PCOM-BA02 EC Rev.: 0.8
      • Support System Power State S4 Function v1.0
      • PCOM-BA02 S0 to S4 Suspend Off Sequence v1.0
        PCOM-BA02 S4 to S0 Resume Off Sequence v1.0
      • Support Module Watch Dog Timer Function v1.2
      94.02 KB 142 Downloads
          Driver   Driver_PCOM-BA02_Win10.zip | Driver    26 2 月, 2024

        PCOM-BA02 Windows 10 Driver

        1.19 GB 18 Downloads
          Driver   Driver_PCOM-BA02_Win11.zip | Driver    26 2 月, 2024

        PCOM-BA02 Windows 11 Driver

        1.21 GB 10 Downloads
            User’s Manual   Manual_PCOM-BA02GL_R0.1.pdf | Manual R0.1   4 3 月, 2022

          User’s guide for PCOM-BA02GL, the first release version.

          1.7 MB 1426 Downloads
              Software   Portwell Engineering Toolkit [PET] 4.7.12 | Software 4.7.12   26 3 月, 2024

            A Universal API for Hardware Access in Both Linux and Windows

            • PET-supported OS: Windows 7, Windows 10, Ubuntu 18.04, and later, and CentOS 7 and later.
            • PET API sample code test application path:
              • Windows PET_API sample code: PET_API, Windows, sample, TESTAP.cpp
              • Linux PET_Utility: PET_API, Linux, x64, release, TESTAP.c

            Supported products list:

            Series Models
            AMDY AMDY-7002
            ANSB ANSB-7A44E
            CEKL CEKL-XXXX
            KBB KBB-212E
            KUBE KUBE-2110
            Kuber Kuber-2000, Kuber-212
            MEDB MEDB-1002, MEDB-1004, MEDB-5180, MEDB-51A0, MEDB-6060, MEDB-6070
            MEDM MEDM-6180, MEDM-B641
            NANO NANO-5050, NANO-6040, NANO-6050, NANO-6051, NANO-6060, NANO-6062, NANO-6063, NANO-6064, NANO-8044
            PAB PAB-1001
            PCOM PCOM-B217, PCOM-B217J, PCOM-B218, PCOM-B219, PCOM-B219VG-INSYS, PCOM-B21A, PCOM-B630, PCOM-B632, PCOM-B633, PCOM-B634, PCOM-B635, PCOM-B636, PCOM-B637, PCOM-B638, PCOM-B638VG-8801, PCOM-B638VG-8802, PCOM-B639, PCOM-B641. PCOM-B645, PCOM-B651, PCOM-B652, PCOM-B653, PCOM-B654, PCOM-B655, PCOM-B655VGL-J. PCOM-B656, PCOM-B657, PCOM-B658, PCOM-B659, PCOM-B700, PCOM-B701, PCOM-B702, PCOM-B705, PCOM-B706, PCOM-B800, PCOM-B880, PCOM-B8800, PCOM-BA00, PCOM-BA01, PCOM-BA02
            PEB PEB-2131. PEB-2131C, PEB-2133, PEB-2737, PEB-2738I, PEB-2739I, PEB-2771, PEB-2772, PEB-2773, PEB-2781, PEB-5731, PEB-9782, PEB-99A3, PEB-99A4, PEB-99A5, PEB-99A7, PEB-99A8
            PF PF-8021
            PGB PGB-5120S
            PICO PICO-6260
            PNS PNS-9730
            PQ7 PQ7-M104, PQ7-M105, PQ7-M106, PQ7-M107, PQ7-M108
            PSMC PSMC-C921, PSMC-M1011
            PT PT-D711
            PX1 PX1-C415, PX1-C441
            ROBO ROBO-6911, ROBO-6912, ROBO-8110, ROBO-8111, ROBO-8112, ROBO-8113, ROBO-8114, ROBO-8115, ROBO-8116, ROBO-8210, ROBO-8779, ROBO-8780, ROBO-9910
            RUBY RUBY-D712, RUBY-D714, RUBY-D716, RUBY-D718, RUBY-D720, RUBY-D812-Q470E, RUBY-D813, RUBY-PB6511, RUBY-SQ1703
            SBC SBC-C430
            WADE WADE-7220, WADE-8011, WADE-8012, WADE-8013, WADE-8015, WADE-8016, WADE-8017, WADE-8020, WADE-8022, WADE-8046, WADE-8066, WADE-8067, WADE-8068, WADE-8070, WADE-8071, WADE-8072, WADE-8075, WADE-8077, WADE-8078, WADE-8079, WADE-8132, WADE-8170, WADE-8173, WADE-8211, WADE-8212, WADE-8321, WADE-PQ7712, WADE-SQ1705
            WEBS WEBS-2190, WEBS-5481, WEBS-85HX, WEBS-89I0
            11.96 MB 92 Downloads
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