Support Desktop Intel® 12th/13th/14th Gen Core™ Processors ATX with DDR4 Long-DIMM up to 64Gb, VGA, DP port, HDMI®, Dual GbE LAN, Six COM Ports


  • Intel® 12th/13th/14th Gen Core™ Processors support
  • Two Long-DIMM support DDR4 Non-ECC DRAM up to 64GB
  • Support dual Ethernet, 6x COM Ports, 4x USB 3.2 Ports , 4x SATA III Ports and Audio
  • TwoPCIe x16(1x PCIe x4 signal), one PCIex1, four PCI slots, one M.2 (Type M) type 2242/2260/2280


RUBY-D813 is based on Intel® H610E chipset and Desktop processors including Intel® 12th/13th/14th Gen Core™ i3/i5/i7/i9 Sku.This board supports DDR4, PCIe, and SATAIII. Those features help you to build high performance and stable system.


Processor Intel® 12th/13th/14th Gen Core™ Processors CPU in LGA1700 package
Chipest Intel® H610E
Memory Support up to 64GB DDR4 Non-ECC on two Long-DIMM socket,up to 3200MHz
Storage Devices 4x SATAIII ports
Watchdog Timer Programmable by embedded controller
Hardware Monitoring System monitor(Voltage,Fan Speed and Temperature)
Expansion Interface – 2x PCIe x16 slots(1x PCIe x4 signal)
– 1x PCIe x1 slots , 4x PCI slots
– 1x M.2 (Key M) type 2242/2260/2280(SATA/PCIe x1 mode)
Super I/O NCT6126D
Audio Audio Jack on rear I/O with Line-out /Mic-in with Realtek ALC897 Audio controller
Ethernet – Intel® I219V and Intel® I210AT Ethernet controller
– 2x RJ45 connectors on rear I/O
Serial port – 2x RS232/422/485 port one on REAR I/O, one on board header
– 4x RS232 port on pin header
USB – 4x USB3.2(Gen2) and 4x USB 2.0 ports on rear I/O
– 2x USB2.0 on pin header
GPIO 8-bit configurable controller by embedded controller
Graphic Controller – Intel® graphic UHD 630 supports DirectX 12, OpenGL 4.5
Display Interface – DP:DP port on rear I/O, resolution up to 4096×2160
– VGA: One VGA port on rear I/O resolution up to 1920×1200
– HDMI®:One HDMI® connector on rear I/O, resolution up to 4096×2160
Mechanical & Environment
Dimension 304.8mm(L) x 243.8mm(W) x 1.6mm(H)
Power Supply ATX
Environment – Operation temperature:0~60 ̊C
– Storage temperature: -20~80 ̊C
– Relative humidity:5~95%,non-condensing
MTBF Over 100,000 hours at 40°C


Ordering Guide
AB1-3D29 RUBY-D813-H610E
(R).RUBY-D813-H610E.ATX IMB.LGA1700 H610E. w/ DDR4/VGA/ DP/HDMI® Dual GbE/COM/Audio/USB


Packing List
One R UBY-D813 motherboard
One I/O Shield
One SATA Cable
One CPU coolor bracket


(Documents & Downloads)

  Catalog   RUBY-D813-H610E | Datasheet 210116   11 11 月, 2022
322.48 KB 2542 Downloads
      BIOS | BIOS 2.50.00   24 1 月, 2024

    Support Intel Raptor Lake-S processor for RUBY-D813-H610E

    6.78 MB 15 Downloads
      BIOS   BIOS_RUBY-D813-H610E_PORTWELL_20100.CAP | BIOS 2.01.00   19 10 月, 2023

    Fixed i219 NVM is not valid when boot Ubuntu 22.04.

    32.00 MB 137 Downloads
      BIOS   RUBY-D813-H610E_PORTWELL_20100.CAP    20 9 月, 2023

    Fixed i219 NVM is not valid when boot Ubuntu 22.04.

    32.00 MB 115 Downloads
      BIOS | BIOS 2.00.00   25 4 月, 2023

    RUBY-D813 BIOS:2.00.00

    Support Intel Raptor Lake-S processor

    32 MB 196 Downloads
      BIOS | BIOS 1.01.00ˊ   10 4 月, 2023
    6.47 MB 198 Downloads
        Driver | Driver V30.100.2131.26   8 11 月, 2022

      Serial IO Driver

      2.3 MB 813 Downloads
        Driver | Driver V10.1.18950.8298   8 11 月, 2022

      Chipset Driver

      5.9 MB 817 Downloads
        Driver | Driver V12.19.1.37   8 11 月, 2022

      Lan Driver

      345.17 KB 122 Downloads
        Driver | Driver V6.0.9285.1   8 11 月, 2022

      Audio Driver

      59.2 MB 1249 Downloads
        Driver | Driver V30.0.101.1371   8 11 月, 2022

      Graphics Driver

      549.2 MB 882 Downloads
        Driver | Driver V2204.2.62.0   8 11 月, 2022

      ME Driver

      257.5 MB 816 Downloads
          User’s Manual   RUBY-D813-H610E | User’s Manual R1.2 R1.2   17 1 月, 2024

        Revise the Default Settings of Jumpers (Header 19 & Header 20)

        2.23 MB 58 Downloads
            Software   Portwell Engineering Toolkit [PET] 4.7.12 | Software 4.7.12   26 3 月, 2024

          A Universal API for Hardware Access in Both Linux and Windows

          • PET-supported OS: Windows 7, Windows 10, Ubuntu 18.04, and later, and CentOS 7 and later.
          • PET API sample code test application path:
            • Windows PET_API sample code: PET_API, Windows, sample, TESTAP.cpp
            • Linux PET_Utility: PET_API, Linux, x64, release, TESTAP.c

          Supported products list:

          Series Models
          AMDY AMDY-7002
          ANSB ANSB-7A44E
          CEKL CEKL-XXXX
          KBB KBB-212E
          KUBE KUBE-2110
          Kuber Kuber-2000, Kuber-212
          MEDB MEDB-1002, MEDB-1004, MEDB-5180, MEDB-51A0, MEDB-6060, MEDB-6070
          MEDM MEDM-6180, MEDM-B641
          NANO NANO-5050, NANO-6040, NANO-6050, NANO-6051, NANO-6060, NANO-6062, NANO-6063, NANO-6064, NANO-8044
          PAB PAB-1001
          PCOM PCOM-B217, PCOM-B217J, PCOM-B218, PCOM-B219, PCOM-B219VG-INSYS, PCOM-B21A, PCOM-B630, PCOM-B632, PCOM-B633, PCOM-B634, PCOM-B635, PCOM-B636, PCOM-B637, PCOM-B638, PCOM-B638VG-8801, PCOM-B638VG-8802, PCOM-B639, PCOM-B641. PCOM-B645, PCOM-B651, PCOM-B652, PCOM-B653, PCOM-B654, PCOM-B655, PCOM-B655VGL-J. PCOM-B656, PCOM-B657, PCOM-B658, PCOM-B659, PCOM-B700, PCOM-B701, PCOM-B702, PCOM-B705, PCOM-B706, PCOM-B800, PCOM-B880, PCOM-B8800, PCOM-BA00, PCOM-BA01, PCOM-BA02
          PEB PEB-2131. PEB-2131C, PEB-2133, PEB-2737, PEB-2738I, PEB-2739I, PEB-2771, PEB-2772, PEB-2773, PEB-2781, PEB-5731, PEB-9782, PEB-99A3, PEB-99A4, PEB-99A5, PEB-99A7, PEB-99A8
          PF PF-8021
          PGB PGB-5120S
          PICO PICO-6260
          PNS PNS-9730
          PQ7 PQ7-M104, PQ7-M105, PQ7-M106, PQ7-M107, PQ7-M108
          PSMC PSMC-C921, PSMC-M1011
          PT PT-D711
          PX1 PX1-C415, PX1-C441
          ROBO ROBO-6911, ROBO-6912, ROBO-8110, ROBO-8111, ROBO-8112, ROBO-8113, ROBO-8114, ROBO-8115, ROBO-8116, ROBO-8210, ROBO-8779, ROBO-8780, ROBO-9910
          RUBY RUBY-D712, RUBY-D714, RUBY-D716, RUBY-D718, RUBY-D720, RUBY-D812-Q470E, RUBY-D813, RUBY-PB6511, RUBY-SQ1703
          SBC SBC-C430
          WADE WADE-7220, WADE-8011, WADE-8012, WADE-8013, WADE-8015, WADE-8016, WADE-8017, WADE-8020, WADE-8022, WADE-8046, WADE-8066, WADE-8067, WADE-8068, WADE-8070, WADE-8071, WADE-8072, WADE-8075, WADE-8077, WADE-8078, WADE-8079, WADE-8132, WADE-8170, WADE-8173, WADE-8211, WADE-8212, WADE-8321, WADE-PQ7712, WADE-SQ1705
          WEBS WEBS-2190, WEBS-5481, WEBS-85HX, WEBS-89I0
          11.96 MB 107 Downloads
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