NANO-6064: A Nano-ITX Form Factor Embedded System Board based on Intel Atom® x7000E Series Empowering Real-Time Computing for Edge Medical Devices

Over the last few years, we’ve all witnessed how a pandemic can reshape the dynamics of the medical industry as well as the healthcare landscape. Extra pressure has been put on hospitals and health systems to provide more patient care resources, while at the same time, healthcare organizations have been tackling labor shortage challenges aggravated by healthcare worker burnout and/or early retirement. And as the projected shortage of the healthcare workforce persists, it has become even more apparent that healthcare providers must find “innovative” ways in order to deliver more: more effectively; with fewer and more limited resources.

Portwell COM Express Type 6 Module Featuring 13th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors for Medical Devices, Industrial Control and Edge Computing Solutions

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Over the last few years, the widespread adoption of digitization across industries has been propelling innovative embedded computing designs to accelerate the digital transformation of applications such as medical devices, industrial control, and edge/network communications. To cope with the growing computational needs for optimized performance per watt, richer I/O interfaces, and greater memory/storage capacity, among others, there has been an increasing demand for embedded computers to provide faster and more efficient computing and processing capabilities while meeting strict, yet ever-evolving, reliability requirements.

PCOM-B883VG2: A COM-HPC Client Type Size B Module with 13th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor for Medical Equipment and Industrial Control Solutions

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In recent years, as digital transformation has become increasingly prevalent for industry applications in medical equipment, industrial control and edge/network communication, the demand is growing for embedded computers to provide ever-accelerating high-performance computing and processing power while at the same time, to fulfill the strict reliability requirements. To enable these more advanced embedded computing solutions, limitless scalability is now determinedly expected to be a must have. As a result, the new COM-HPC (computer-on-module for high performance computing) specification emerged to complement the COM Express, extending the already highly scalable modular embedded computing design approach to facilitate a brand new portfolio of computer-on-module solutions that enable even greater upgradability and configurability with next-gen CPUs and high-speed I/O interfaces.

NANO-ITX Embedded Board Featuring Intel Atom® x6000E Processor Series, Real-Time Solution for Bridging Medical Equipment and PIMS



Nowadays, medical/healthcare examination usually needs connection between testing equipment and Practice Information Management System(PIMS) for real-time data bidirectional transferring like the test result, medical record, etc. Besides improving its seamless workflow and efficiency, it could even access stunning displays of patient results from any device and use result trending to analyze the diagnostic trends of patients.

To meet the demand of medical equipment and hospital/clinic environment such as low power consumption, sufficient I/O, long lifespan, quiet and small size fitting in limited space, Portwell NANO-6063 could be the ideal solution for bridging both sides.


NANO-6063, a NANO-ITX form factor (120mm x 120mm) embedded system board based on the Intel Atom x6000E processor series which was developed to enhance IoT applications depending on new levels of CPU and graphics performances with integrated IoT features, real-time performance (TSN, TCC), manageability, security, and functional safety. It operates well with thermal design power (TDP) under 12W with low-power consumption and suitable for fan-less applications. In addition, its flat/low-profile design allows space-saving installation in display and compact workstation, like hospital or business area, and its flexibility of systematic expansions is suitable for medical equipment, Panel PC and Kiosk as well.

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