Intel® Tiger Lake-UP3 Core™ Processor based on Type VI COM Express module with dual DDR4 SO-DIMM, DDI, eDP, Gigabit Ethernet, SATA 3.0, and USB 3.2


  • Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7/Celeron Processors 10nm process(Tiger Lake UP3)
  • Support 2xDDR4-3200 Non-ECC SO-DIMMs, up to 32G per DIMM
  • Support USB2.0/3.2, 2x SATAIII, 1x PCIe4.0 x4 and 5x PCIe 3.0 LANEs
  • Support Display Port, HDMI®, VGA, and LVDS/eDP


Portwell PCOM-B656VGL is designed with Intel® Tiger Lake-UP3 processor with Type 6 pin definition. It brings three important factors including DDR4 memory, PCIe Gen4, and USB 3.2 Gen2 x1 support. Extend PCIe Gen3 ports in PCOM-B656VGL can support high speed I/O card for more applications. In the meantime, it’s compatible with COMe 3.0 Type 6 carrier board.


Model Name PCOM-B656VGL
Form Factor (mm) COM Express® Compact (95 x 95mm)
COM Type Type 6
CPU/Clock/Cache Intel® 11th Generation CoreTM* Intel® i7-1185GRE/i7-1185G7E Intel® i5-1145GRE/i5-1145G7E Intel® i3-1115GRE/i3-1115G4E Celeron® 6305E* Up to 4 CPU cores* 4MB to 12MB cache*
Chipset SoC
USB 4x USB 3.2 Gen2x1 8x USB 2.0
PCI Express

1x PCIe Gen3 x4/2x PCIe Gen3 x2/4x PCIe Gen3 x1/1x PCIe Gen3 x2 + 2x PCIe Gen3 x1 1x PCIe Gen3 x1 for Intel I225 Lan 1x PCIe Gen3 x2/2 x PCIe Gen3 x1 w/o USB 3.2

Ethernet Intel® I225LM/IT
Sound Intel® High Definition Audio
Graphic Controller Intel Iris
Carrier Board PCOM-C60B

Block Diagram


Ordering Guide
Product Ordering P/N Status
PCOM-B656VGL-1185G7E AB1-3L45 Available
PCOM-B656VGL-1185GRE AB1-3L28 Available
PCOM-B656VGL-1145G7E AB1-3L47 Available
PCOM-B656VGL-1145GRE AB1-3L48 Available
PCOM-B656VGL-1115G4E AB1-3L49 Available
PCOM-B656VGL-1115GRE AB1-3L46 Available
PCOM-B656VGL-6305UE AB1-3L50 Available


Accessory Ordering P/N Status
PCOM-C60B (ATX Carrier Board) AB1-3G22 Available
Cooler B9972040 Available
Heat Sink B830B270 Available
Heat Spreder B830B280 Available


(Documents & Downloads)

  Catalog   PCOM-B656VGL | Catalog 20220715   30 3 月, 2021
789.6 KB 3611 Downloads
      BIOS   BIOS_Update_FPT_PCOM-B656VGL_0_0_21.zip | BIOS 0.0.21   21 6 月, 2023

    Improve system high-temperature compatibility

    9.99 MB 72 Downloads
      BIOS   BIOS_PCOM-B656VGL_Update_FPT_0_0_20.zip | BIOS R0.0.20   21 9 月, 2022
    1. Improve PEG port compatibility
    9.6 MB 1138 Downloads
      BIOS   BIOS_PCOM-B656VGL_R0.0.19_Update_FPT.zip | BIOS R0.0.19   4 8 月, 2022
    1. Update bios codebase
    2. Option items description modification
    3. Enable smart fan control
    4. Disable auto load default after RTC clear
    9.6 MB 1328 Downloads
      BIOS   BIOS_PCOM-B656VGL_R0.0.18_Update.zip | BIOS R0.0.18   12 7 月, 2022
    1. Fix display abnormal issue in special condition
    2. Fix console message error during POST
    9.5 MB 1342 Downloads
      BIOS   BIOS_PCOM-B656VGL_R0.0.16_Update.zip | BIOS R0.0.16   23 11 月, 2021

    Official release

    7.6 MB 1803 Downloads
        EC   EC_PCOM-B656VGL_R005_Update.zip | EC R0.0.5   12 7 月, 2022
      1. The first release version for MP module
      59.8 KB 1373 Downloads
          User’s Manual   Manual_PCOM-B656VGL_R1.1.pdf | Manual R1.1   4 8 月, 2022

        User’s guide for PCOM-B656VGL

        1. Correct pinout table
        1.4 MB 917 Downloads
          Carrier design guide   Carrier_Design_Guide_PCOM-B656VGL_R1.0.pdf | Manual R1.0   4 8 月, 2022

        Carrier design guide for PCOM-B656VGL

        1. Correct pinout table
        1.5 MB 866 Downloads
          User’s Manual   Manual_PCOM-B656VGL_R1.0.pdf | Manual R1.0   17 11 月, 2021
        1. Add power consumption data
        2. Minor description modification
        2.2 MB 1128 Downloads
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