Nowadays automation control system is filled with in various fields, such as Factory Automation, Building Automation, Measurment Equipment.


  • Intel® Atom™ Bay Trail SoC E3800 series processor with industrial support.
  • On Board DDR3L DRAM and up to 8GB.
  • Three PCI Express lanes (optional to Four)
  • Support one USB 3.0, six USB 2.0


Portwell’s PQ7-M106IL-E is designed with Intel Atom processor E3800 series. PQ7-M106IL-E features lower power consumption than previous Atom based platforms, and 2GB to 8GB memory support. It also supports an extended -40C to 85C temperature with qualified industrial-grade components. PCI Express interface can support expansion devices, such as GPS, GPRS, Wireless, Bluetooth, Graphic, etc.; also the SDIO signal assists extra storage requirement. USB3.0 is a new feature different from that of previous Qseven design, as more and more customers require faster data transfer. PQ7-M106IL-E is the ideal solution for various automation or equipment applications.


CPU Bay Trail E3815, 512K Cache, 1.46GHz
Bay Trail E3825, 1M Cache, 1.33GHz
Bay Trail E3827, 1M Cache, 1.75GHz
Bay Trail E3845, 2M Cache, 1.91GHz
Format Qseven
Chipset SoC (System-On-Chip)
DRAM Up to 8 GB DDR3L-1333 soldered on board
Graphic Controller Intel® HD Graphics Gen7
Display Interface VGA, eDP, DP
Storage 2x SATA II (3.0 Gbit/s), optional eMMC up to 16GB
Network 1x Gigabit Ethernet Intel® I210IT
Bus Interface 4x PCIe x 1 (Option to 4)
Serial Interface 1x Tx/Rx/CTS#/RTS# signals (Qseven R2.0)
USB 6x USB 2.0, Up to 1x USB 3.0
Audio 1x Intel® High Definition Audio
Miscellaneous Watchdog Timer,HW monitoring CPU, system temperature, fan
Power Requirement +5V DC ±5%
Power from W depends on used CPU
Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C base on CPU SKU
Extended Temperature -40°C to +85°C base on CPU SKU
Dimensions 70×70 mm


Ordering Guide
AB1-3B88 PQ7-M106IL-E3845-4G(industrial) with MOQ
AB1-XXXXZ PQ7-M106IL-E3845-2G(industrial)
AB1-XXXXZ PQ7-M106IL-E3827-2G(industrial)
AB1-XXXXZ PQ7-M106IL-E3825-2G(industrial) with MOQ
AB1-XXXXZ PQ7-M106IL-E3815-2G(industrial)
AB1-XXXXZ PQ7-M106IL-N2930-8G(commercial) with MOQ
AB1-XXXXZ PQ7-M106IL-N2907-8G(commercial) with MOQ


(Documents & Downloads)

  Catalog   PQ7-M106IL | Catalog 214M   5 5 月, 2014
858.04 KB 6109 Downloads
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        Driver   Driver_PQ7-M106_Win7_8_8.1_64b_LAN_PROWin_19.1_20140905.rar | Driver 19.1   10 9 月, 2014
      28.64 MB 2982 Downloads
        Driver   Driver_PQ7-M106_Win8_32b_64b_IO_Drivers_Gold_v1.0_20140905.rar | Driver    10 9 月, 2014
      1.95 MB 3216 Downloads
        Driver   Driver_PQ7-M106_Win7_8_32b_LAN_PROWin_81_19.0_20140905.rar | Driver    10 9 月, 2014
      19.26 MB 3042 Downloads
        Driver | Driver    10 9 月, 2014
      18.38 MB 3103 Downloads
        Driver   Driver_PQ7-M106_WIN8_64bit Graphic driver_15. | Driver   10 9 月, 2014
      112.96 MB 3221 Downloads
        Driver   Driver_PQ7-M106_EMGD.WIN7_37_64bit_20140905.7Z | Driver    10 9 月, 2014
      66.44 MB 2804 Downloads
        Driver   Driver_PQ7-M106_SetupChipset_10.0.13_PV_20140905.rar | Driver 10.0.13   10 9 月, 2014
      2.29 MB 3279 Downloads
        Driver   Driver_PQ7-M106_WIN8_32bit Graphics driver_15.33.0.3218_20140905.rar | Driver   10 9 月, 2014
      87.91 MB 3257 Downloads
        Driver   Driver_PQ7-M106_ Win8 MBI_1.3.11.0_20140905.rar | Driver   10 9 月, 2014
      965.74 KB 3238 Downloads
        Driver   Driver_PQ7-M106_EMGD.WIN7_36_32bit_20140905.7Z | Driver    10 9 月, 2014
      50.80 MB 2655 Downloads
        User’s Manual   PQ7-M106_R10.pdf 1.0   22 9 月, 2014

      PQ7-M106IL-E users manual

      1.19 MB 2346 Downloads
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