Portwell Unveils AI Traffic Management and Industrial Automation Solutions at VIMF 2024

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VIMF 2024: A Pinnacle of Industrial Innovation in Vietnam

The 20th edition of the Vietnam Industrial & Manufacturing Fair (VIMF) 2024 unfolds from June 19 to 21 at the World Trade Center Binh Duong New City. This year, VIMF  attracted approximately 550 booths and over 20,000 visitors, including industry leaders, government authorities, and international trade consulates from diverse sectors such as machine tools, metalworking, industrial automation, robotics, and smart logistics, making it an indispensable event for professionals across the industrial spectrum seeking to explore the latest trends and advancements.

Portwell Showcases Cutting-Edge AI Solutions for Traffic Management at VIMF

Portwell showed the edge AI power and innovation for smart traffic management, demonstrating real-time object recognition technology deployed on road scenarios. With advanced edge AI systems PJAI-100-ON and WEBS-21J0-H8, Portwell demonstrated the capability to instantly identify and classify various road users such as vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians. These systems processed data directly from strategically placed high-resolution cameras, enabling the AI to analyze movement patterns and predict potential traffic bottlenecks or safety issues. The live data feed was displayed on monitors at the traffic control center, where operators can make informed decisions about traffic adjustments and send alerts through smart signals and digital signage. This proactive approach not only enhances road safety but also optimizes traffic flow, demonstrating the practical benefits of integrating AI technology into infrastructure. This scenario serves as a proof of concept that can be scaled and adapted to various environments to tackle common traffic challenges effectively.

Portwell Edge AI Systems Enhancing Safety and Efficiency of Smart Traffic

PJAI-100-ON, Portwell edge AI system featuring NVIDIA® Jetson Orin Nano SOM, is well-suited for smart traffic management applications due to its powerful AI processing capabilities, robust and silent operation, extensive connectivity options, and ability to operate in diverse environmental conditions. These features enable effective real-time analysis and management of traffic, contributing to safer and more efficient roadways. The other edge AI system WEBS-21J0-H8 features Intel Atom® New Series SoC and Hailo-8 AI module, providing a robust, secure, and powerful platform that can efficiently handle the demands of smart traffic management systems, enhancing the ability to manage traffic flows effectively and ensure road safety.

Portwell Innovations in Integrating AI and Automation

Alongside the smart traffic management demonstration, Portwell presented an array of embedded solutions that exemplify the dynamic integration of AI, industrial automation, and smart manufacturing technologies. Featured in the lineup are robust and innovative systems like ANS-9A44 and WEBS-89I0, both of which boast compact, fanless designs and support advanced connectivity features like 5G and Wi-Fi 6, essential for efficient real-time data processing and analysis in smart factory environments. Particularly noteworthy is Portwell PEAI-9910 edge AI system, equipped with the latest NVIDIA RTX graphics cards, specifically engineered to manage intricate visual processing tasks that enhance AI-driven visual inspection systems.

In addition, Portwell’s COM Express modules, PCOM-BA03GL and PCOM-B885VG2, demonstrate exceptional versatility in meeting the diverse performance and power demands of industrial applications, ensuring seamless integration into existing infrastructure. Notably, the PCOM-B800GT module capitalizes on AI and deep learning capabilities, making it ideal for handling data-intensive tasks like predictive maintenance and quality control in industrial settings. Together, these products exemplify Portwell’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that integrate AI technologies into industrial automation, driving advancements in smart manufacturing.

Decades of Excellence in Smart Industrial Manufacturing

This lineup not only showcases the practical applications of industrial AI but also highlights the technical expertise of Portwell in improving efficiency, accuracy, and reliability in manufacturing processes. As a prominent leader in the smart industrial manufacturing market, Portwell leverages over three decades of innovation in integrating AI and IoT technologies into practical, industry-leading solutions. Their expertise spans various sectors, including CNC, textiles, and inspection machinery, where they have adeptly customized solutions to meet diverse industry requirements and operational challenges. Portwell’s commitment to ongoing technical consultation and on-site support further underscores their role as a trusted partner in the industrial automation landscape, driving substantial improvements in competitiveness and marketplace efficiency for their clients.

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