Portwell LYNX-612G is design to aggregate, secure and analyze data from diverse sensors and equipment at the edge of the network to enable wide range of IoT usage. It connect legacy and new equipments to the cloud, helping customer to get real-time equipment data.

In CNC factory, Portwell LYNX-612G integrated with collaborative robot to improve productivity. LYNX-612G control robot arm to pick & place, machine tending through legacy port and collect relevant data from robot arms and CNC to communicate with upend server, then control room can analyze data and forwarding instructions to LYNX-612G.


Diversity Device Control

LYNX-612G provide 2 LAN, 2 RS-232 on RJ45 and 6 USB to connects with different devices in plam-sized footprint for factory controller or gateway.

Multi Mount

Support both DIN-rail and Wall mount for flexible usage with shock test 1G DIN-rail / 5G wall mount EN-60068-2-6 and vibration test 15G DIN-rail / 50G wall mount EN-60068-2-27.

Industrial Environment EMC

LYNX series compliant with heavy industrial grade EMI(EN 61000-6-4) / EMC(61000-6-2) to ensurte the practical application in industrial harsh environment, reduce unwanted EMI/EMC interference of any industrial motor.



Targeting : Edge computing applications
Basic I/O interfaces in a palm-sized box chassis


Targeting : IoT gateway applications
Extended IO : 2x RS-232 on RJ45, 4x USB 2.0


Targeting : Machine to Machine applications
Extended IO : 1x RS-232, 1x RS-232/422/485


Targeting : PoE gateway applications
Extended IO : 3 PoE


Connect security with Intelligent video analytics


Harsh environment edge controller

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