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Automated Guided Vehicles(AGVs) are those wheeled conveyances that transport goods along defined paths set by guidance systems. With technology maturing in the field of robotics, AGVs market are set for enormous growth in the upcoming years, the growing drivers are global industrialization, e-commerce, and IoT usage.

In a modern mega warehouse, AGVs work 24×7 and get no overtime. They are much more efficient and cheaper than using a labor force in many circumstances. To help customers with this application, we introduce palm-sized LYNX-6110 as the engine of their compact AGVs to link gyroscope and sensors for movement and receiving the instructions from upend server. We also reserve extension module with CAN bus, LANs and GPIO for customer’s future AGV controller.

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Azure IoT Edge

LYNX series are Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT. It provide high reliability and best connection capability for Azure IoT.

Azure IoT Edge can help to use cloud computing and tools to LYNX edge computing series. You can deploy those containers to any of the devices and monitor it all from the Azure cloud.

Data Protection

LYNX series embedded with hardware-based encryption and authrntication TPM 2.0 to ensure data security and avoid cyber attack. If TPM chip sense that the integrity of system has been compromised by virus, it can start up quarantine mode to help fix ths issue.

Palm-Sized Cube

Ultra-small form factor with less than 0.4liters capacity which dimension is 100mm(W) x 40mm(H) x 92mm(D), it’s easy to install in any small space constraints place like samll AGVs.

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Targeting : Edge computing applications
Basic I/O interfaces in a palm-sized box chassis


Targeting : IoT gateway applications
Extended IO : 2x RS-232 on RJ45, 4x USB 2.0


Targeting : Machine to Machine applications
Extended IO : 1x RS-232, 1x RS-232/422/485


Targeting : PoE gateway applications
Extended IO : 3 PoE


Connect security with Intelligent video analytics


Harsh environment edge controller

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