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Moving from the path of traditional manufacturing to digital automation is not easy. Most traditional manufacturers face the following dilemmas and challenges before introducing AI into their factory: First, smart manufacturing technology providers are too slow in integrate AI into the existing hardware or software, resulting in the difficulty of implementation;  Second, AI talents are difficult to find. Many AI companies only provide initial “tools”, so that after manufacturer import AI, they cannot find the relevant talents to do the equipments and systems maintenance.

AI is not a substitute for people but can assist people and machines to generate more applications and improve efficiency. Portwell has been cultivating in the field of AI and Internet of Things for many years, and fully understands the dilemma of introducing AI automation to traditional production lines.  We help customer to find a suitable model according to customer needs, or train a suitable neural network model with Portwell hardware as rapidly as possible.  We provide AI solutions through Intel hardware and software platform and deploy the trained neural network model with superior performance to meet customers’ application demands and reduce the overall system construction cost.

For AIoT applications, Portwell’s edge computer can be tailored according to the user operating environment, equipped with Portwell EIS (Edge Intelligent Suit).  Portwell use this technology and expertise, together with our hardware and EIS, to assist customer in AOI(automated optical inspection) and AVI(automated visual inspection) intelligent inspection system development, clean room full suit detection system, and these are just few of the application examples of Portwell through EIS + AI. 

If you want to embrace AI+IoT, or experience Portwell Edge Intelligent Suite, please contact Portwell.

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