Video Conference


Nowadays, the video conferencing market can be segmented into three categories: software, hardware, and service. Among them, hardware platform is the most essential segment as it integrates all parts to depict an entire infrastructure, supported by a service provider.

Collaborating with Portwell, you do not need to look for hardware and service separately. Portwell provides human machine interface (HMI) solution, core computing module, and network appliance with consolidated planning.

When talk about video conferencing, one almost always think about indoor or in a meeting room. In fact, video conferencing is also widely used in factory, surgical room, or even extreme environment. For certain customers, it is critical to guarantee everything functions well no matter how severe their surroundings are. With more than 20 years of experience in industrial PC market, Portwell is expert in knowing how to design industrial computer to thrive in harsh environment. Together, let us work with you today to deploy from the beginning to the end, and implement in a timely manner.

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