Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7 Pentium®/Celeron® processor based on PICMG 1.3 SHB with DDR4 SDRAM, HDMI®, DVI-I, Dual Gigabit Ethernet, Audio and USB


  • Supports Intel® 7th and 6th Gen Skylake-S Kaby Lake-S Core™ i3/i5/i7/Pentium®/ Celeron® processors in LGA 1151 package 
  • Delivers up tp 32GB maximum DDR4 2133 MT/s non-ECC DIMM on two sockets 
  • Supports mutiple display by DVI-I(DVI-D+VGA)and HDMI® 
  • High speed dual Gigabit Ethernet based on PCI express x 1, high bandwidth I/O interface 
  • On-board 6x SATA III ports 
  • Rich I/O connections such as four serials ports, USB 3.0/2.0, SATA III ports 
  • Support on board TPM 2.0 


ROBO-8113VG2AR-Q170 is based on Intel® Q170 chipset and desktop processors. Built with flexible PCI express expansions, ROBO-8113VG2AR is suitable for Medical, Industrial automation, and Digital Signage application. 


Form Factor PICMG1.3
CPU Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7/ Pentium®/Celeron®
Chipset Intel® Q170
Memory 2 x DDR4 non-ECC DIMM up to 32GB
Expansion 4x PCI slots
1x PCIe x16 slot or
2x PCIe x8 slot or
1x PCIe x8 + 2x PCIe x4 slots
1x PCIe x4 slot
Audio Realtek ALC886 HDA codec
LAN 2x GbE
Serial Port 2x RS-232
2x RS-232/422/485
USB 10x USB 3.0 2x USB 2.0
Storage Devices 6x SATA III
GPIO 8 bit
Others PS/2 KB & MS
Dimension 338.5×126.39mm

Ordering Guide

Ordering Guide
AB1-3D41 (R).ROBO-8113VG2AR-Q170
PICMG 1.3(PCI-E+PCI).LGA1151. Intel® Xeon®/Core™ i3 processors.SHB.w/VGA/Dual GbE/Audio/four COM ports
AB1-3G67 (R).ROBO-8113VG2AR-Q170-KBL
PICMG 1.3(PCI-E+PCI).LGA1151. Intel®Xeon®/Core™ i3 processors.SHB.w/VGA/Dual GbE/Audio/four COM ports

Packing List

Packing List
Standard B6902932 SATA III cable
B8981980 PICMG SBC Handling and Installation Notice
B6903351 DVI-D + VGA cable
B6902352 dual head COM port cable with bracket
B8983660 Installation CD
Optional B6902980 PS/2 Keyboard / Mouse Cable with bracket
B6902230 USB port cable with bracket
B6903090 USB 3.0 cable with bracket


(Documents & Downloads)

  Catalog   ROBO-8113VG2AR-Q170 | Catalog    March 30, 2021
1.50 MB 3977 Downloads
      BIOS | BIOS R1.00.E10   February 5, 2024

    Optimize LAN Disable Control Function

    14.61 MB 19 Downloads
      BIOS | BIOS R100E8   January 29, 2024

    BIOS bin file and update package

    14.64 MB 12 Downloads
      BIOS | BIOS R1.00.E10   January 11, 2024
    14.59 MB 18 Downloads
      BIOS | BIOS R1.00.E16   January 11, 2024
    13.03 MB 25 Downloads
      BIOS | BIOS R1.00.E13   December 15, 2023

    Portwell, Inc. ROBO-8113VG2R-Q170-PCIE4 BIOS Rev.:R1.00.E13

    14.61 MB 17 Downloads
      BIOS | BIOS R100E8   December 14, 2023

    support ALC897/888 On Verb Tables.

    14.59 MB 24 Downloads
      BIOS   BIOS_ROBO-8113VG2AR-Q170-KBL-PCIE4_R100E9 | BIOS R1.00.E9   January 18, 2023

    Fix J14 USB Can’t Eject Hardware in OS

    6.9 MB 869 Downloads
      BIOS | BIOS R1.00.E12   January 18, 2023

    Fix J14 USB Can’t Eject Hardware in OS

    6.9 MB 437 Downloads
      BIOS | BIOS R1.00.E14   January 17, 2023

    Fix J14 & J13 USB Can’t Eject Hardware in OS

    13.02 MB 501 Downloads
      BIOS   BIOS_ROBO-8113VG2AR-Q170-PCIE1_R100E8 | BIOS R1.00.E8   February 17, 2022


    13.02 MB 1824 Downloads
      EC | EC R04E01   January 10, 2022

    EC FW

    52 KB 2019 Downloads
      EC | EC R04E01   January 10, 2022

    EC FW

    21.1 KB 1967 Downloads
        User’s Manual   ROBO-8113VG2AR | User Manual R1.6 R1.6   December 27, 2021

      Update USB2.0/3.0 connector (Type A) description(p.22)

      1.3 MB 1434 Downloads
        User’s Manual   Manual_ROBO-8113VG2AR_R1.5.pdf | Manual R1.5   July 23, 2021

      Update JP6 ATX/AT select pin information

      1.26 MB 1727 Downloads
        User’s Manual   Manual_ROBO-8113VG2AR_R1.4.pdf | Manual R1.4   March 12, 2020

      Page12 add Soft reminder about power supply discharge

      2.16 MB 755 Downloads
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