Smart Transport

According to IDC’s prediction, there will be more than 50 billion connected devices in the world by 2025, resulting in 180 billion data output with the size of 1TB. These data can no longer be processed by human or traditional computational methods. It will be necessary to combine artificial intelligence (AI) to achieve accurate detection and prediction, enhance real-time customer experience, and improve processes.

AI is not a substitute for people but can assist people and machines to generate more innovations and improve efficiency. Portwell has been cultivating in the field of AI and Internet of Things for many years, and fully understands the dilemma of users in introducing AI to legacy machines in order to help solve this issue.  In addition to finding a suitable model according to customer needs, or help customers to train a suitable neural network model with Portwell hardware.  We deploy the trained neural network model with superior performance to meet customer application needs and reduce the overall system construction cost. For AIoT applications, Portwell’s edge computer can be tailored according to the user operating environment, equipped with Portwell EIS (Edge Intelligent Suit).

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