Portwell COM-HPC Client Type Size B Module with 13th Gen Intel Core™ Processor: PCOM-B883VG2

Portwell COM-HPC client type size B module with 13th Gen Intel Core™ processor for medical equipment and industrial control solutions. Built with high scalability and I/O performance, the Portwell PCOM-B883VG2 COM-HPC Client Type Size B module can be deployed in diverse use scenarios, not only as an enabler in edge servers, but also as a core computing component for an extensive array of compact yet high-performance embedded computers, delivering greater performance for medical equipment, industrial instrumentation, transportation systems, ruggedized field computers, defense systems, and many more.

PCOM-B883VG2 Introduction: https://www.portwell.com.tw/news/press-releases/2023-03-30-pcom-b883vg2/
Product Info: https://www.portwell.com.tw/products/pcom-b883vg2/

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