Portwell and Network Optix Forge Ahead with
Pioneering Intelligent Video Solutions

Portwell-w-Network Optix-Intelligent-Video-Solutions

In a significant stride towards redefining video technology, Portwell is partnering with Network Optix to feature their cutting-edge Nx EVOS at COMPUTEX 2024. This collaboration is set to transform how businesses leverage intelligent video solutions for enhanced security and operational efficiency.

Network Optix – Revolutionizing Video Management

Network Optix is a global leader in video management software, specializing in creating scalable, open-platform software that powers video solutions across various industries. With Nx EVOS, Network Optix introduces a robust full-stack intelligent video platform that integrates seamlessly with virtually any IP camera. Designed to provide unparalleled flexibility, it supports an extensive range of applications from cloud-based management to on-the-ground operations, ensuring real-time access and control from any device, anywhere.

At the heart of Nx EVOS are its powerful features:

  • Cloud Services: Simplifies remote access and central management of video systems across locations.
  • Nx AI Toolkit: Offers comprehensive tools for developers to create tailored video and AI integrations.
  • Mobile and Desktop Applications: Ensure users can monitor and manage their systems on the go with intuitive interfaces.
  • Server Architecture: Unique Hive Server design provides resilience and redundancy, eliminating single points of failure and ensuring continuous operation.
  • Advanced Connectivity: Effortlessly connects with existing infrastructure, enhancing system compatibility and expandability.


Nx EVOS stands out with its capability to automatically discover 99% of IP cameras, coupled with its snappy video playback and management features that require minimal hardware resources. This efficiency is critical in deploying scalable solutions that can grow with user demands.

Portwell – Powerful Computing and Robust Platform Provider

Portwell’s role in this partnership focuses on providing the robust hardware that complements Nx EVOS’s software capabilities. Known for their durable and efficient embedded systems, Portwell’s technology ensures that the sophisticated software solutions delivered by Network Optix run smoothly and reliably. This synergy between Portwell’s hardware expertise and Network Optix’s software innovation paves the way for next-level intelligent video solutions.

Portwell and Network Optix: Looking Forward to Future Collaborations and Technological Prospects

As the collaboration between Portwell and Network Optix continues to deepen, both parties are committed to revolutionizing security and operational efficiency through innovative intelligent video solutions. By integrating Portwell’s robust hardware with Network Optix’s advanced software technology, we look forward to delivering superior intelligent monitoring and data management systems to our global customers.

This collaboration not only represents the pinnacle of technological innovation but also signifies the vast potential of future applications in intelligent video technology. Portwell and Network Optix will jointly develop more innovative features, such as further enhancements to automated monitoring and management platforms, to not only meet current market demands but also anticipate future trends and respond swiftly.

Looking ahead, Portwell and Network Optix will continue to collaborate in advancing the integration of intelligent video and edge computing technologies. Through ongoing technological innovation, we aim to provide cutting-edge solutions to clients across various industries, ushering in a new era of intelligent video technology. We anticipate that this partnership will have a lasting impact on the global tech landscape, continually driving technological progress and innovation in applications.

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