The Internet of Things (IoT) makes it possible to link every single device together so our endless imagination now becomes a limitless possibility for the future. With IoT infrastructure, it’s possible to change how we manufacture, improve how we live and even mold how we receive information into a smart pattern.

IoT is no longer just a topic of conversation. Combined with different ideas, applications and the construction of infrastructure, it becomes real and burgeoning market. We have seen many leading IoT trials all worldwide. The massive adoption of this groundbreaking technology is not too far away. What follows are some feasible disciplines as example of viable IoT applications.


LEAD series is a family of brand-new panel PC products from Portwell. As an Associate member of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance, Portwell is already aware of the trend that there are increasing demands in system and the future of IoT. Now we hope to LEAD the market and provide our customers with the most valuable products with incredible flexibility and selectivity.


Fancy Appearance

As the pioneer in the industry, Portwell provides LEAD series with commercial fancy outlook. The bezel free design makes it suitable to place at occasion like transportation hubs, department stores, restaurant for public information. The plastic rear cover allows LEAD series to demonstrate the light weight for our customers as well.


The LEAD series provides our customer incredible flexibility. One can choose PD for monitor only, PND for basic computing power, or even PPC for Intel Apollo Lake. Besides computing power, there are also plenty options for operating system. One can either choose Android or Linux for customer developed application, or Windows for conventional occasions.


To meet the requirement of IoT, PND and PPC provides Gigabit Ethernet to our customers. Combined with the computing power, one can easily upgrade one’s facilities to connect, communicate and manage within the same network.


The fancy outlook doesn’t mean that Portwell compromises with the firmness. The LEAD series still passes the IP65 test. This allows our customers to adopt LEAD series in some specific environment.


LEAD Series: LEAD of Smart Retail

LEAD Series of Portwell is the best solution for Smart Retail. Fulfilling various needs, improving customer satisfaction, and targeting consumer preferences to increase the sales rate, LEAD is your most flexible, competitive, and affordable choice for all kinds of business promotion and services!


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